Elementor #2

Tango Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses the Argentinian tango dance and its music integrated with special exercises as an alternative therapy and in palliative care.

Bety Moreira –Tangos MP3 & CD Quality
La Ultima Curda / Muñeca Brava / Atenti Pebeta / Café la Humedad / Gricel / El Corazon al Sur / El Motivo / Sur /Los Mareados / Blanco y Soda
Plus Bonus Tracks:
Malena (Blues) / Gricel (Pop) / Muñeca Brava (Ska)

This updated edition is a reply to the increased interest in the use of the tango as a therapy.

Tango Therapy with people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, children with mental health difficulties – Social phobias. – Personal development – Improve relationships
The embodiment in Tango Therapy training and practice

An approach to Tango Therapy will be welcomed by students and practitioners in arts, dance therapies, psychotherapy, and other health and social care professions.

Karen Woodley & Martin Sotelano
Directors of Tango Therapy UK.
Founders members of the International Association of Tango Therapy.

Contributions from experts in the field to offer the reader a valuable insight into the practice of Tango Therapy.: Tamara Di Tella, Massimo Habib, Anthony Howell, Graciela Pesce,
Adriana Pegorer, Marius Poliac, Greta Polo, Hiroko Uenishi.

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